Fighting games are defined by their characters. The most popular games in the genre are filled with vibrant, unique characters with diverse, interesting playstyles. And when a new player looks upon a flashy character select screen for the first time, the only information they get is visual.

So many cool characters!

This is why balance is hugely important. Learning a character is a time commitment. So imagine the disappointment when someone picks a character that looks super cool and fits their playstyle, grinds in training mode for hours and hours, only to get pounded because their character can’t keep up. Balance is also important…

In June of 2013, hundreds of people looked on in anticipation of Microsoft’s annual E3 conference. The brand new Xbox One was right around the corner, and potential consumers eagerly watched to see what exclusive titles would be available for the brand-new next gen console on its launch. As Crytek’s Cevat Yerli departs the stage after talking about Ryse: Son of Rome, suddenly, the lights dim. Through the green light on the screen the faint silhouette of the letters “KI” can bee seen, flashing on the screen to the beat of a heavy metal cover of “The Instinct,” the classic…

Cameron Russo

Student. Game Designer. Fighting Game Enthusiast

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